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Migadee Mac Maker

Migadee Mac Maker
Description : Artist: Migadee Mac Maker

Rιsumι, Biographical Summary and Exhibition history:

Mac Maker (McPherson Downs): born January 14th, 1970. Self-taught and raised with few boundaries in the greater Los Angeles, California.

From my early childhood on I have been supported to follow my artistic inclinations & incarnations.

I have been drawing, dreaming and dancing since day I was first handed crayons and the walls of my family home became my canvas. At 10 years of age I transformed my bedroom into a spaceship. At age 12 I began experimenting with film & video, independently producing Super-8 and Video sci-fi extravaganzas starring all the toys around me.

I attended Pierce Community College from September 1989 through June of 1991. Here I took a rigorous course load of just art classes with the purpose of exposing myself to the many different mediums that this college offered.

At twenty-one I Production Designed my first feature film, which led to a successful ancillary career as a production designer and art director on numerous large-scale commercial projects within the film and television industry - 1990 through 1999.

In September of 1995, a dear friend introduced me to Moon Tribe, a full moon gathering in the high desert, this sparked an artistic and spiritual awakening that forever changed my creative path. This awakening led to the creation of short films, documentaries, videos and video installations.

In 1998 I made the transition from commercial artist to fine artist. From 11/1998 to 11/2006 I owned and operated “Maker”, my design studio & working exhibition space. Located within the bourgeoning Silver Lake art scene. Fortunately, this studio was also located right in the middle of the annual “Silver Lake Art Crawl” and the annual “Sunset Junction” Silver Lake Street Fair. I was an active participant in both these events from 1999 thru 2006.

From 2000 through 2006 I co-founded, showed, co-curated & produced events within “Soilds”. Soilds is a Los Angeles based sculptural arts collective & roving gallery. The Solids artists are united in creating art through themes, conceptual series of thought and imagination as a conduit for social voice & change. Formed in December 2000, this group staged large-scale multi-media art exhibitions through out the greater Los Angeles. ***Solidsgallery.com

Artist: Mac Maker
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From August 2000 to date I have been creating and producing large scale interactive art installations, performance art, and guerrilla (unsanctioned) street art. Contributing to Burning Man, Moon Tribe, Electric Daisy Carnival, L.A. Art Fest, Nocturnal Wonderland, The Streets of L.A., and at the LACMA muse event in Silver Lake.

February 2005, Mac Maker was one of six artists commissioned by the city of Los Angeles and the Silver Lake Beautification Committee to work on a project called “Art Cans”. The project goal had each artist working within their community to design, develop, and create twelve Mosaic panels for art-trash cans. These Art trash cans were placed in the surrounding community/neighborhoods.
My contributions were made of Glass, Ceramics, Copper & Brass

On February 2nd 2008, I was commissioned by ECHS (the Environmental Charter High School) to produce 5 murals for the ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating their new campus.



Dates Exhibition Gallery
12/6 – 1/5 2000 Stone soup Egg Gallery
3/22 – 5/17 2002 Artillery Solids Gallery @ West week
9/20 – 10/16 2002 the possibilities Maker/ Art Crawl #5
9/19 – 10/16 2003 Love Manifesting Maker/ Art Crawl #6
12/4 – 12/23 2003 Fun & Destruction Solids @ Qtopia
11/11 – 12/9 2006 Momentum Solids @ The Bedlam Gallery
6/3 – 7/1 2005 Dreams & Nightmares Solids @ L.A. Art Fest
3/5 – 4/2 2004 Meaning & Madness Solids @ Gallery 4016
6/12 – 7/14 2004 Messages Maker/LACMA Muse event/show
7/13 – 7/27 2004 Rainbows & Unicorns Solids @ Qtopia
9/17 – 10/19 2004` Super Sized – (Miniatures) Maker/ Art Crawl #7
9/24 – 10/21 2005 Behind the Curtain Maker/ Art Crawl #8
9/16 – 10/15 2006 R-evolutions Maker/ Art Crawl #9

Installation art, Street performances & performance Art:
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Artist: Mac Maker
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Installation art, Street performances & performance Art:

Dates Installation/performance Art Gallery/Venue/Event
2000 Ghosty Head – Video Installation Maker/ Art Crawl #3
8/21-9/4 2000 Elucid Dreams – Installation Burning Man
5/2001 ED2 – Installation @ 8 year event Moon Tribe
6/2002 9 years – Performance Art Moon Tribe
3/10 2003 Boxed expressions - multiple Installations L.A. Streets
6/2003 10 years – Performance Art Moon Tribe
8/21-9/4 2003 Lunar sperm - Installation/performance Burning Man
9/19 2003 Manifesting Love - Street performance Maker/ Art Crawl #6
12/2003 Santa’s Village – Installation Moon Tribe
2/24 2004 Elucid Dreams – Installation Electric Daisy Carnival
3/5 2004 scrapin – Performance (Live sculpture) Solids @ gallery4016
3/5 2004 Meaning & Madness – Video installation Solids @ gallery 4016
3/5 2004 Home – Video installation Solids @ gallery 4016
6/12 2004 Messaging - Street performance LACMA Muse event
8/2004 Official Free Speech Zone – Installation Burning Man
8/2004 Messaging – Installation Burning Man
6/3 2005 Elucid Dreams – Installation L.A. Art Fest
8/2005 Peace – Installation Burning Man
8/2005 Freedom Of speech Zone #2 Burning Man
9/16 2006 R-evolutions - Street performance Maker/ Art Crawl #9
10/2006 Elucid Dreams – Installation Moon Tribe
11/11 2006 Scrapin #2 – Performance (Live sculpture) Solids @ Bedlam
6/2007 Techno Teepee – Installation Moon Tribe
6/2007 Peace – Installation Moon Tribe
6/2007 14 years – Performance Art Moon Tribe
8/2007 Chundra/Green Achers – Rolling Installation Burning Man
10/13 2007 Chundra - Installation L.A. Decom
10/13 2007 The Magic Shack – Installation L.A. Decom
11/2007 Jack Shack – Installation Moon Tribe
11/2007 Phoenix Rising – Performance Moon Tribe
6/2008 Fun Bus - Installation Moon Tribe
7/2008 Elucid Dreams – Installation Electric Daisy carnival
7/2008 Fun bus – Installation Electric Daisy carnival
8/2008 Chundra – Rolling Burning man
9/2008 The chundra project – installation Nocturnal Wonderland
10/2008 The chundra project – installation L.A. Decom
Artist: Mac Maker
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Project collaborations, benefactors & or patrons partially include:
Rickie Lee Jones, Lili Haydn, Solids, West week @ the Pacific Design Center, The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, Anne Heche, Heather Gramm, Ben Stiller family, They might be giants, Telepop music, The Brian Setzer Orchestra, Burning man, Moon tribe, The Electric Daisy Carnival, Project butterfly, Nocturnal Wonderland, The Silver Lake Art crawl 2001-2005, Silver Lake neighborhood council, E.C.H.S., The green Ambassadors, LACMA, L.A. ART fest., Golden Buddha,
The city of Los Angeles & Angola (Louisiana’s state prison), The Dream circus & P.L.U.R.

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