Antonio Muniz  

Antonio Muniz

Antonio Muniz

Antonio Muniz was born and raised in Chihuahua, Mexico where at the early age of 10 realized life was rather rigid, full of orders and expectations. As a teenager, he grew up within an environment where self-expression and self-voice was limited, leading him to isolation – But not from the world or society, but from himself.

At age 17, Antonio decides to move to Chicago in pursuit if his architectural studies. By age 26, he earns a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture while living in San Diego, CA. Early in his career, and already an established Designer, he moves from firm to firm only to find a discouraging professional life. A life that was similar to growing up with his parents – Rules, expectations and lack of personal expression. This pushed him to become an independent Designer by creating his own design firm in Los Angeles where Antonio is now happy to enjoy freedom of self-expression and the opportunity to experience life from another dimension.


Present: Antonio Muniz manages his own design firm in Los Angeles and currently studies art under the supervision of Mexican artist Rodrigo Pimentel who resides in Mexico City.

Bachelor in Architecture, San Diego, CA (May 1996)
Live Models Art Studies, Mira Costa College, Oceanside, CA (1990-1992)
Muro’s Art Institute, Chihuahua, Mexico (1982-1985)


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